Why Buying Facebook Likes is a Bad Idea

But it’s the ultimate ‘get popular fast scheme’, right? Wrong. Buying likes for your business’s Facebook page actually does more harm than good to your Facebook page.

It seems like the perfect plan; just spend a couple hundred bucks and you can add hundreds or even thousands of likes for your Facebook page. It’ll make you look more popular, raise engagement, and increase sales!

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

When you buy Facebook likes, you are mostly likely purchasing likes from all the wrong people. Most of the likes you will receive in schemes like this are from ‘click farm’ fake accounts. According to USA Today, Facebook’s January quarterly report estimated 14.1 million of their 1.18 billion active user accounts are fraudulent. Facebook actively seeks out these fake users and shuts them down. So not only are you not buying ‘real’ likes, but as fake accounts are shut down, you will see your like number keep dropping instead of increasing.

This is just one of the main problems with buying likes. The other comes in the engagement itself. Social Media Today did some math:

Purchasing Facebook LikesSo, unlike popular understanding, purchasing likes will not increase your engagement. Purchasing likes actually makes your page look like it has worse engagement than you did before! Fake accounts will not interact with your posts because, well, they are not real people and have no real interest in your business.

So what can you do to increase your likes? Facebook makes it easy to increase your like number with several pretty inexpensive options. You can run like campaigns, boost posts, and advertise your page. Each of these are much more likely to increase engagement with your posts and to gain you real fans and potential customers.

Do you know anyone that has purchased likes? How did it effect their reach and engagement?

Until next time!

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Where is Technology Heading?

We all know that technology has come a long way since our grandparents were our age, since our parents were our age, or even when we were younger ourselves. I know I can remember things like, “Get off the computer, I need to use the phone!”, using *69 to call back a number to see who it was, listening to the Backstreet Boys on my HitClips and storing my school projects on floppy discs.

Now, if you ask a little kid about any of these things, you can usually expect an answer along the lines of, “Is that on my iPad?” This video shows how far technology has come, just based on the reactions of these kids to “old” technology that their dad shows them!

Some people say it makes them feel old when their kids have no idea what these technological gadgets are, but I think it just shows how far we’ve come and that we have the potential to continue to take technology even further!

I saw a cool article the other day that showed a whole bunch of different gadgets you used to be able buy, like video cameras, calculators and answering machines, all of which you can now do on your smartphone! It’s really cool to think about how advanced these things were then, how advanced smartphones are that now include all of those things and what kinds of potential gadgets the future hold that can do even more than a smartphone (hard to imagine, right?!). This video from CNN is really interesting, showing how Barcelona is embracing “the internet of everything”.

Technology is an amazing thing and it will continue to change and improve as long as people are working towards that goal. As Wim said in the video, “only 1% of what can be connected, is connected today”. Think about it… How much can your smartphone do? Your tablet? Your laptop? What more could you possibly imagine that it could do, that it doesn’t already?

~ Alli

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Don’t Lose Your Creativity!

Just as BuzzFeedYellow‘s video states, “staying creative can be hard”.

I’m sure you’ve all had that frustrating moment during a project when you just can’t seem to think of what to do next (I know I have!), but it’s important to keep your creative juices flowing, even when you’re frustrated! Sometimes it’s best to just walk away from the project for a bit, and think about other things, and something will come to you.

This video, “How To Boost Your Creativity” from BuzzFeedYellow, has some great tips and tricks on how to stay creative. For example, carrying a journal may seem like it would get annoying, writing down every little thing you see throughout the day but, if you think about it, how many times have you been in a meeting at work, out to eat with friends, or just walking around town when you saw something that inspired you, or thought of a great idea that you couldn’t remember later that day for the life of you? Keeping a journal for these small things throughout the day could be your key to creativity later on when you sit down to work on something and find yourself needing a little help.

Another thing to remember is that, eventually, you’ll probably go through a phase of your work where you know what you want to create, but can’t quite get there, and that’s okay. The important thing is that you know you have the ability to be creative, and the potential to create something great, you just have to work to improve your skills even more in order to get your work to where you want it to be. Samuel Cernuto makes some great points on this in this video, “On Being Creative”:

Being creative is fun, inspiring and rewarding, but it can also be pretty frustrating at times. But if you think about it, being frustrated with your work at times can actually be beneficial to you because it can be that little push you need to learn more, improve your skills and come up with your next great idea.

Stay creative!

~ Alli

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Does Supporting a Cause Hurt Your Business?

Today I came across an awesome viral ad for Burger King. In San Francisco for Pride Week, Burger King added a new burger to their menu, the Proud Whopper. Every customer, of every orientation, looked so baffled by the new addition and would repeatedly ask, “What’s different about it?” Eventually when unwrapping their burger and tasting it, they come across a note that says, “We Are All The Same On The Inside.” It is such a powerful and true message and in a place like San Francisco, during Pride Week none-the-less, you’d expect to see very little negative backlash.


As much as I agree with where Burger King, and other companies who have shown amazing support to the LGBT community stand on this issue, it reminded me of something I was told when I was working in the service industry. The first thing I was taught was to never discuss religion or politics with customers, as they are such hot button issues, that can easily turn business away. I began to wonder exactly how dipping into social issues would affect revenue, and until Burger King does some adequate post-testing on this campaign, many of my questions will remain unanswered.  I would love to know what you guys think:

Does taking political sides have a positive effect that outweighs the business it turns away?

As a business, would it be smarter to not voice your opinion on such issues?

With a “successful business,” such as Burger King, should you not worry about how one campaign affects revenue and just stand up for what you believe is right and try to initiate change?

I feel like in the long run, it comes down to what your business is and who your target market is, when trying to come to a conclusion on any of the questions posed above. But, as somebody who is fascinated with advertising research and strategy, I couldn’t help but mention it!


Why the Word ‘Guru’ Doesn’t Belong in Marketing

The need to call ones self a Guru is a misguided attempt at creating a degree of self importance and an effort to get people to see that social media is an important part of any marketing strategy now.” ~Anise Smith

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the terms social media guru, internet marketing guru,  or digital marketing guru. For a profession that has been around for barely 5 years (Facebook introduced Pages back in 2009), how can one use this ‘guru’ term as a descriptor?

Besides it being such a young field, digital marketing and social media marketing  is an ever-changing field. With new social media platforms being developed, new algorithms, new fads, and new ways to market, how can anyone in the marketing field ever say they are a ‘guru’ in anything? Even traditional marketing, like ads in a newspaper and radio ads, are changing with the development of online advertising space and satellite radio.

The word ‘guru’ will make me avoid following someone on Twitter, not read a blog, and not really believe that person’s qualifications.  Maybe it’s just a personal bias against the word as I’ve never really liked the way it sounded coming out of my mouth or into my ears. Maybe I’m just a skeptic. Maybe the word just outright annoys me.

That being said, the word is over used, under explained, and doesn’t belong in the marketing field.  Many people understand the importance of digital marketing and your experience is known and appreciated. There are just better ways to say it! Explain what makes you better than others by using things like number of networks you are comfortable using, number of years you’ve been managing digital media, and (my favorite) success stories.

People want to see results-if you claim you are a guru, they can be lead to unrealistic standards which can lead to great disappointment. Simply explain what you are good at and how you plan on proving it to them. This will give your client a definition of your own personal version of a ‘guru’.

Until next time!


The women I quoted above wrote two wonderful blogs about this too-check them out here and here!

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Commercials That Don’t Make You Want to Change the Channel? No Way!

When your favorite show goes to a commercial break, do you change the channel until it comes back? Mute your TV? Make yourself a snack? Anything to avoid those 5 long minutes of boredom while you wait? If you don’t do any of these things, or anything else for that matter, and you just sit and try to pay attention to the commercials, which of the few ever stand out to you? Why do you pay attention to some and completely disregard others? What makes a commercial so good that it actually gets it’s intended message across to it’s audience?

So many questions, I know! But think about it… Out of all of the commercials on TV everyday, which ones do you like? Which ones can you actually call your favorites? There have been a few lately I have really enjoyed… A few that have made me think, reminisce, laugh, or that have been just downright entertaining.

Here are a few of my favorite commercials of the year so far:

This one really tugs at the heartstrings! It made me happy and was one of the few commercials that has actually made me tear up a little bit! Dove really told a powerful story with this commercial, even though it was simple and straightforward. By making it so relevant (releasing it just before Father’s Day) to their audience, the message was that much more powerful.

This Nike commercial was just plain cool, for lack of a better word. It was creative, relatable and fast-paced. I mean, everyone dreams of playing their favorite sport like their favorite professional athlete, right?!

No matter what your favorite sport is, or even if you’re not a sports fan at all, we all know that sports team rivalries are huge. GEICO really hit the nail on the head with this one, bringing a hockey rivalry into everyday life in a hilarious commercial!

This Volvo commercial was great mostly just because of the story it tells. You don’t usually tie a car to your life story, but if you really think about it, you spend a lot of time in your car getting to the big moments or important dates. Taking an older car with the backwards-facing seats that kids loved (and that make adults nauseous) and putting it next to the new car with the now grown-up little girl, they really showed how big a part they want to play in your life’s journey.

For the most part, I’m one of those people that hates commercial breaks and just wants to watch my show, but there are some truly great commercials out there that actually capture my attention and keep me on that channel until my show returns (or at least until the next boring commercial comes on).

~ Alli

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Finally Finding What is Right For Me

I recently started my summer by working as a Graphic Design Intern at Michigan Creative. I remember starting at Olivet College and had no idea what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life. That really seems like the hardest thing to figure out while growing up. I changed my major a couple times and ended up trying Visual Arts Commercial Design. I realized that I was hooked on the freedom and creativity that I could have. The highlight of my day was my Graphic Design  classes, so I knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer.

I ended up spending  a lot of time at home this school year in Lansing, Michigan.  I have known Brian Town my whole life, but it has been a few years since I have had time to catch up with him. It was at my brothers basketball game where I ran into him and we started talking. I told him I was going to school for Graphic Design and he gave me his business card for Michigan Creative. I immediately got on the website and started looking into the Marketing Company. I was instantly hooked. They are the Marketing Company for other companies so they offer web, video, print, and branding. I think this is so perfect because I have only done a little web and more of print and branding. I want to learn all I can about video and everything else while I have this chance to be at Michigan Creative.  I asked him if he was looking for Interns this summer and then the rest is still in the making. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease in my life.

My first day I walked into the office and thought to myself “this is where I could spend my long hours and work and be happy” I felt so at peace and happy that everything was finally working out and I found what I wanted to do… and was actually good at it.

The staff is amazing, the office is so cool (even has a slide), and it is in lansing (which is awesome). It is a positive and friendly place that draws me back in every day I am here. I honestly feel so lucky to have this opportunity this summer before I begin my senior year of college.

Greatest Office in Lansing

Greatest Office in Lansing

Well I officially posted my first blog, yay!

-Taylor Guarnaccia


Babies, amazing staff, Traction, hospital food and the future.

Babies, amazing staff, Traction, hospital food and the future.

Now that is an impressive title…

Twenty one years ago I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. Ashley Town, now going into to her senior year at GVSU has a little sister. Kora Lynn Town was welcomed to the Town family on June 4th, 2014! Quite the stretch. 

Now you know why I have a grey patch in my beard.

After I left teaching three years ago, I was concerned about not having the summers off. Or if I could take as much time off as I needed to help Hollie and make sure the girls at home had everything they needed. I am no longer concerned. 

One of my favorite quotes is, “A good leader makes everyone around him or her better than they are.” I have always believed that a great company is formed by the amazing people within it. I am reminded of that everyday here at Michigan Creative. I was able to manage the company from my phone, lying on a chair that was called a “fold out bed” on the third floor of sparrow.

I said manage, I really mean just looking at things that my staff are taking care of and following up on. 

Lot’s of time in the hospital to think, read, and play this really sweet alien game on my ipad. This was the first child that we all had smart phones. So essential we all had video and photo cameras with us at all times that we could share images from to the world in seconds. I must have taken 600 photos and 20 videos in those 7 days. I got a notice from my cloud storage that I needed to upgrade…yes big big problems…

So think 10 years ago when my youngest son Jack was born. I think I had a flip phone. Pictures on those were not very good. No video on them. I had an mini dv camcorder I think and a digital camera that was around 2mp. I went through my iphoto to see what pictures I had of Jack….well sorry buddy, but I have about 100 of you for the first year of your life….Kora had that in the first day…..


It is not that he was any less cute, he was super cute…it is just the sign of the times. The HD cam is in my pocket all the time.

Ashley, Nathan…I am not going to count, don’t want you getting mad. 

So what will Kora be using when she is 21? Will there be a device like our phones? Computers? Will she look at the quality of the pictures and video I have and laugh and say, “those look so old?” Will they look like Civil War pictures to her? 21 years in technology is a life time! I am thinking it will be part of our bodies somehow. 3d, 4d, Holograms.

Also while trapped in our little room I was able to finish the book Traction. Thanks to the guys at Kincaid Henry Melissa and I are putting the Traction process into place next Monday. Ryan Henry uses it for his company and was adamant about how it made all the difference in the world. We both felt that we needed something to continue our growth, make it manageable, and continue our growth in a measurable and sustainable way. I can’t wait to start. I love this company and the people in it, and I only want great things for them.

Lastly…hospital food. I don’t know what you have heard, but it is amazing! Sparrow has a sandwich bar. Say no more. Now I need to workout and lose the 10lbs I put on.

Until then,


Managers on Social Media Sites

Here at Michigan Creative, we are often asked about how you control managers on social media sites. It is an important question to ask-how do you, as the owner, control who has access to what? How do you insure that your sites won’t be hacked or deleted by disgruntled employees?

Social Media Manager

Sound ridiculous? Well, it really does happen, which is why it’s important to take measures to protect yourself against them! Below is a list of many of the major social media sites and how you chose/control managers for each one.


As many of you know, you do need a personal Facebook page in order to create a business Facebook page. This means that your page is connected to specific profiles. However, you can manage these profiles and limit abilities of certain people to avoid catastrophe!

When inside of your business page, visit the ‘Settings’ tab. Once there, click on ‘Page Roles’. Here is where you can control the managers of the page.

You do not need to be friends with managers/editors of the page, but you do need the email that their Facebook account is set up with. They also need to like the page before you can add them as a manager/editor.

Facebook offers five different manager options: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst. Each has their specific functions, learn more about each one here.


Just like Facebook, you do need a personal profile in order to make a business page. You have to also have an email with the URL of that business in order to create the business page.

You must be connected with someone you are trying to make a designated admin for the business page. You simply type in their name to add them.

There is just the choice to be ‘admin’ for LinkedIn business pages. Choose who you add wisely here because they could easily delete you as admin or delete the page if they wanted to!


There is not an option to add managers on a Twitter page. Since you do not need a personal profile to create a business profile, there is no differentiation in logins or responsibilities for the users. To ‘make someone an admin’ for a business Twitter account, you must simply provide them with the login information.

This obviously gives users full access to the page; again, you must choose wisely who you choose to give this access to as they could change the email, profile picture, send tweets, and delete the account, just to name a few!


Just like Twitter, there is not an option to add managers to a Pinterest business page. You simply share the login information with who you choose to be a ‘manager’.

Another option with Pinterest is to invite people to pin on your boards. Let’s say you don’t want an employee to have full access to your business Pinterest account-you can simply invite them to pin on one or a few boards. This is a nice option for you to get more content without giving up full access. Guest pinners can easily be removed if they abuse their power as well.


You must have a personal Google+ in order to create a business Google+ page. A major downfall with Google+ is that the page will remain connected to the original creator of the page. A way to get around this is to create a fake Google+ account and then create the page with that! We’ve done it many times at our business.

They do make it easy to add managers; just add a user to your circles and then visit your ‘Settings’ page. Click ‘Manager’ and you can add managers there. You must have the user in your circles  in order to add them as manager.

So there you have it! Although I didn’t include all social networks, I did go over some of the most popular business social media sites.

Until next time!


Michigan Creative


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Internet Trolls: Do they hurt your business?

Internet trolls. You know, the ones that write senseless comments making unsupported agreements on every single story on the internet. The trolls that wreck your best post on Facebook. The trolls that write horrid reviews on Yelp. The trolls that find every way they can to make your business look bad.

Do people listen to them? Should you, as a business owner, be worried about them ruining your business? Will even one bad review ruin my business?

By now, most people know that much of what you read on the internet is exaggerated, sort of true, and and sometimes just plain wrong.

Will one troll ruin your business? Probably not. Most people can see through the bad eggs-either by the argument itself, spelling mistakes, name calling,  unsupported comments, ect.

Where you have to start worrying about the trolls is when you are seeing the same comment, the same complaint, or repeating topics from multiple different people. This is when internet trolls become upset customers with very real complaints. If you are seeing certain complaints appear multiple times about a certain employee, a menu item, a time of day, this is when you need to take action. That being said, every comment (good or bad) should be analyzed. I’m just saying that one comment should be taken with a grain of salt if it doesn’t need immediate attention. Repeated comments require action.

Internet Trolls

So the next time a troll squashes your day, take a step back, analyze what they’ve written and see if you need to take action.

Until next time!


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