The Coolest New Music Video

Alli Myers Blogging

I can’t say that I really listen to OK Go, but I can say that I absolutely love their new music video for “I Won’t Let You Down” – it’s awesome. I thought it was cool that they were riding/dancing around on those little Honda scooters (The Honda UNI-CUB, to be exact) right from the beginning, but then you realize …

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Alli MyersThe Coolest New Music Video

Getting the Most Out of YouTube

Alli Myers Blogging, Video

It’s easy to upload your videos to YouTube, but it’s what needs to happen after the initial uploading that can be difficult. Viewbix blog says that there are “more than 100 hours of video uploaded per minute” so, naturally, “it can be hard to make an impact on the world’s second biggest search engine.” Luckily, with a little time and …

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Alli MyersGetting the Most Out of YouTube

It’s almost here… iOS8!

Alli Myers Blogging, Business, Technology

About this time last year, the Apple world was anxiously awaiting the release of iOS7 – the most dramatic change yet in iOS software from Apple. People spent hours trying to get themselves in the queue to update their iPhones and even longer waiting for the new update to complete installation. With huge changes in layout, appearance and functionality, iOS7 …

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Alli MyersIt’s almost here… iOS8!

Reasons You Need Video… Made Visual

Alli Myers Blogging, Business, Video

I’ve written countless blog posts on why your business needs video, how your business should use video, how to make good videos, etc… You know, all of the important video topics. But I was thinking – There are so many infographics out there, and so many of them are about these exact same topics – I’ve said over and over …

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Alli MyersReasons You Need Video… Made Visual

How to Be More Productive at Work

Alli Myers Blogging, Business

We’ve all had those days at the office that we just can’t seem to get anything done, no matter how hard we try. We know we have work to do, but sometimes it’s hard to get yourself to focus. There are a LOT of tips and tricks out there on how to be more productive at work, but I wanted …

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Alli MyersHow to Be More Productive at Work

The Best of “Film Tip Fridays”

Alli Myers Blogging, Technology, Video

If you “like” Michigan Creative Video on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen our “Film Tip Friday” posts every week. We like to post quick little tips that we think of for shooting, editing, audio, etc., and we hope that these tips help you out, if even just a little bit. Even though we post a …

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Alli MyersThe Best of “Film Tip Fridays”

Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

Alli Myers Blogging, Business, Pinterest, Social Media

Your business is already on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, so why do you need to be on Pinterest, too? Isn’t it just a place for people to “pin” things they like or want to make, or how they want to plan their wedding? Well, the answer is partially yes, but it can actually help bring success to your business …

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Alli MyersWhy Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

Product Placement in TV Shows

Alli Myers Blogging, Branding, Business

Have you ever noticed that a lot of TV shows will cover up the brand names on things or turn them around in a shot so those names aren’t visible? Or just use things that are very obviously just props in place of those brand name products? On the other hand, a lot of shows will keep those brands in …

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Alli MyersProduct Placement in TV Shows

One day at a time.

Taylor Guarnaccia Blogging, Internship, Michigan Creative, Social Media, Technology

I have been really trying to “find” myself lately… I have recently turned twenty- one years old, moved back home, and started an internship for a job I see myself doing in the future after graduation. ( Michigan Creative ) Who is to say what is the “right” thing to do at a certain age? I keep finding myself thinking …

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Taylor GuarnacciaOne day at a time.