Why You Need To Change Your Blogging Strategy

Why You Need To Change Your Blogging Strategy

Alli Myers Blogging

You’ve got a blog? Great! You have great content? Even better! Do you know why you’re writing and sharing all of that great content? Do you know what you need to be doing with it? Almost everyone these days knows they need to be blogging if they want to keep up with the competition and grow their business, but a …

SharpSpring Winter Blowout

SharpSpring Winter Blowout Sale

Marissa Katz Blogging, Marketing Automation, sharpspring

If you’ve been reading our blog for a bit, there’s no doubt you’ve seen SharpSpring mentioned a few times here and there. If you are the type of individual who wants to try new things out, but you find yourself a bit hesitant depending on the price, this is your chance! Michigan Creative is currently hosting our SharpSpring Winter Blowout …

Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

Alli Myers Blogging, Graphics, Video

Incorporating graphics into your video can either be a great idea or a terrible one, depending on exactly how you use them. For example, you (almost) always need lower thirds, but you hardly ever need to make jump cuts from one still image to another; lower thirds feel like a natural part of a video while stills (can) stick out …

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Myths That Haunt Your Business

Kristopher Johnson Blogging, Branding, Business, content marketing

Content marketing is a booming industry and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. It works and is on track to double in its economy by 2019. Because of its relative novelty, there are plenty of misconceptions out there that will hurt your business. Here are some to avoid: Content Marketing Is A Viral Effort The myth …

What Are Brand Standards?

What Are Brand Standards?

Siobhan Fin Blogging, Branding, Marketing

“Brandards” {brand standards} are your friend. So, what exactly are brand standards? They are the guidelines that bring your the entire look of your business, as well as all of your marketing materials, together. Brand standards help you to set your business apart, while creating exposure to your brand. Brand standards can be thought of as keeping consistency, which helps …

5 Ways To Balance School And Your Internship

5 Ways to Balance School And Your Internship

Kristopher Johnson Blogging

College is a rewarding experience. If you see it as a tool to help you reach your goals, you can set yourself up for a variety of successes and opportunities, particularly at Michigan State University. College is also demanding because your purpose as a student is to graduate, and the road to graduation is paved by managing your time correctly. An internship is a …

Using Wistia Analytics

Using Wistia Analytics

Alli Myers Blogging, Video

Plain and simple, Michigan Creative loves Wistia. We’ve been hosting all of our videos on Wistia for over a year now and have no complaints! YouTube is great, and we still upload all of our finished projects there as well, but Wistia is just so much more. On the site, it is defined as “professional video hosting with analytics and …

Blogging Research Techniques

Blogging Research Techniques

Marissa Katz Blogging

When it comes to creating content to have on your blog, it’s important that you always do the proper research. As a content writer, it’s important that you’re able to educate your readers with the most up-to-date and factual information available on your chosen topic. Here are some great techniques to follow as you begin brainstorming and, eventually, writing your first …

Starting A Project

Starting A Project

Siobhan Fin Blogging, Creative, Design

One of the biggest challenges in starting a project is the very beginning. The paper is blank, and you can take it in any direction you want. Once you have a plan, it becomes easier for everything else to fall in place. But, what are the first steps in creating a project? 1. Draw it out. A lot of designing, …


How To Retarget Without Being Invasive

Kristopher Johnson Blogging, Retargeting

Behavioral retargeting is a straightforward tactic; it utilizes cookies to remind users of information they have already been shown or may be interested in. It’s also a tactic that enables over 65% of users to convert to website usage or product purchase, and businesses are adjusting their budget to take advantage of those conversion rates. While gaining insight into your niche audience is important …