Branding on Social Media

Marissa Katz Branding, Social Media

According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report; 92% of all marketers indicated their social media use generated more exposure, 80% of marketers reported that social media increased traffic to their business, and 72% used social media to develop loyal fans. We notice that social media marketing is a fantastic way to gain more exposure, but how  can you …

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Kristopher Johnson Branding, Business

Branding has evolved just as much as marketing has evolved. Your brand is best described as reputation through familiarity; when someone glances at your logo from across the street, their mind jumps to any number of experiences. Your goal is to develop a brand where a glance is all it takes to communicate what doesn’t need to be said. Because …

graphic design

The Importance Of Graphic Design In Marketing

Taylor Canfield graphic design, Marketing

  Graphic Design is “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” As a highly visual society we cannot seem to go a day without noticing the golden arches, that is McDonald’s or the goddess of Starbucks. These are just a few of the worldwide logos and designs behind strong brands. Often time’s people …

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A Day in the Life of the Michigan Creative Interns

Taylor Canfield culture, Michigan Creative

As many of our clients know, here at Michigan Creative we hold our standards high, while our environment remains relaxed. Our CEO Brian Town and COO Melissa Meschke have created an incredibly laid back culture, which inspires and motivates its workers. Michigan Creative trusts their staff and holds them accountable for the work they produce, while encouraging them to work …


Tips For Graphic Design

Brandon Girard graphic design, Image

Tips For Graphic Design Do you think you have what it takes to create awesome designs and graphics? You would be surprised at the amount that you could do with just knowing a few tips and tricks. Spending some time on creating attractive graphic design will help your business appear more professional and aesthetically pleasing to your audience. All it …


How To Think About Content Marketing Strategy

Kristopher Johnson content marketing, Marketing

When you think of the word strategy, your mind may jump to any number of images, everything from a sport to war. The common link for these images is a goal that requires critical thinking, and there may be certain risks involved if you don’t achieve your ends. For a game of chess it may mean a captured king, but …