Super Bowl XLIX Commercials Have Started!

Alli Myers Blogging

We’re still a few days away from Super Bowl XLIX, but a lot of companies have already started releasing teasers of their 2015 Super Bowl ads, and some of them have even released the full spots! Super Bowl commercials are the most anticipated commercials of the year. These ads are the ones that you will remember for the entire year …

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Alli MyersSuper Bowl XLIX Commercials Have Started!

Michigan Creative WEDDINGS!

Alli Myers Blogging, Photography, Videography

Michigan Creative… Web, video, print, branding, and now, weddings! Michigan Creative Video is joining forces with Shutter Speed Productions and Rachel DeRose Photography to bring you Michigan Creative Weddings. Michigan Creative Weddings, like all of the ideas we come up with here at Michigan Creative, started off as just that: an idea. We talked about it, said it could work… …

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Alli MyersMichigan Creative WEDDINGS!
Facebook Fan

Businesses with ‘friend’ Facebook pages are missing out

Melissa Meschke Business, Facebook, Marketing, Social Media

When Facebook was first released back in 2004, there was a limited demographic of people who could even sign up for the platform. Moving forward, that demographic expanded quickly, but it took until 2007 (according to Business Week) to create the very first business Facebook page: The Fan Page. Since then, Facebook has developed the business pages from ‘fan pages’ to business accounts …

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Melissa MeschkeBusinesses with ‘friend’ Facebook pages are missing out

Why I Love Hackers

John Crafts Blogging

I love hackers, yes hackers. North Korean, Chinese, Russian, Saudi, wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing it for, I love them. I know this may seem like a bizarre position to take, especially as a person who spends a great deal of his time at work making websites, protecting those websites from hackers and cleaning up …

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John CraftsWhy I Love Hackers
Hands free design

Hands-Free Design

Mike Holloway Cool, Technology

Having had a graphics tablet for over two years, I’m not unfamiliar with people walking up to me in public and being in awe of my “advanced technology.” After having it so long, however, illustrating and designing on a tablet has become second nature and not that phenomenal to me. That being said, it does feel kind of cool to have strangers …

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Mike HollowayHands-Free Design
Michigan Creative

Why is it so hard to spend time working on our own business?

Melissa Meschke Business, Michigan Creative

As a small business, we are constantly pulled in hundreds of directions at the same time-work on client projects, manage the employees, pay the taxes, buy new equipment-the list goes on and on. Something that always seems to struggle to make it on that list is working on internal processes and issues for our own business. We spend most of our days here …

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Melissa MeschkeWhy is it so hard to spend time working on our own business?

A Logo is More Than Just a Logo

Alli Myers Blogging

This isn’t a new thing but, ever since I first saw it, I’ve found myself noticing it in tons of logos every day. Logos are everywhere – If your company doesn’t have one, it needs one. If a company wants to re-brand itself, it usually changes the logo (even if only slightly). How do people remember more of a business …

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Alli MyersA Logo is More Than Just a Logo


Alli Myers Blogging

2014 is coming to a close, which means that 2014 song mashups are rolling in! Every year we hear tons of different mashups, made up of most of the exact same popular songs from that year but, as opposed to a simple mashup, for example one with vocals of one song over the music of another and it’s done… Some …

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Alli MyersMASHUPS!
Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.13.16 AM

Take a Look at the Holidays

Alli Myers Blogging

The holiday season is upon us, and the holiday commercials have arrived in full force. We’ve already been bombarded by Black Friday commercials, weeks before Thanksgiving, and Christmas commercials started way before the holiday season was even in sight. I think starting these commercials so early, to make sure we know exactly who will be selling what, when and where …

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Alli MyersTake a Look at the Holidays

When Personal Branding Goes Too Far

Mike Holloway Blogging, Branding, Music

If you haven’t already, start thinking about building a personal brand for yourself. In a world full of endless online applications for every job you’d ever think of applying for, marketing yourself well is essential. Check out an excellent example here. As with young professionals, personal branding is a staple in the music industry. Just as we need to maintain a professional, confident, …

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Mike HollowayWhen Personal Branding Goes Too Far