Myths Of Graphic Design

Myths of Graphic Design

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Graphic designers are often faced with many false ideas surrounding the profession. Most people seem to have some sort of preconceived false outlook on what the job actually is and the responsibilities that it carries. In this post I will be talking about a few of these many different myths of graphic design. One of the most common myths that …

The Holiday Season In Lansing

The Holiday Season in Lansing

Marissa Katz Blogging, Holidays, Lansing

Tomorrow is already October 1st, which means the holiday season is starting! Whether you consider yourself a Lansing native or are simply visiting, you may still be surprised by all our capital city has to offer, especially during the holiday season!  We, at Michigan Creative, like to consider ourselves in the know when it comes to all things fun and …

Myths Of Graphic Design

The Basics of Graphic Design

Siobhan Fin Blogging, graphic design

In order to better understand the basics of graphic design, it’s best to first know the definition. Graphic design is defined by as “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect”. The definition starts off as describing graphic design as an art. …

Wedding Videography

The World Of Wedding Videography

Alli Myers Blogging, Video, Videography, Wedding video

Weddings are usually one of the most important days in a couple’s life together, and the happy couple probably wants to remember that day, right? Right. Almost everyone does wedding photos, but the newest trend has become wedding videos. But, what exactly does wedding videography entail? Lots. This wouldn’t be much a blog if I just left it at “lots”… …

Why You Shouldn't Be Using Your iPhone For Business Video

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Your iPhone For Business Video

Kristopher Johnson Blogging, Business, Video

Apple is a trailblazer in it’s industry, and iPhones are just plain fun; they’re multi-faceted, look cool and have a great camera. You probably use the camera throughout the day in a lot of ways, and even find yourself comparing quality of cameras with your friends who carry Androids. If you own a small business and pursue video content, it’s …

Why You Need A Website Redesign

Why You Need A Website Redesign

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The idea of having a useful, attractive, and easy to use website for your business gets talked about a lot around here, and that’s because of how important it is. It’s one aspect of marketing that is becoming more and more relevant and should not be overlooked. If you already have a website for your business, then you are off …

Content Marketing

Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Effective

Marissa Katz Blogging, content marketing

As a business owner, you may have looked into the trend of content marketing and decided right away that it was the best strategy for your company. After implementing your content marketing strategy, you find yourself disappointed that you aren’t getting the traffic you expected… If you’re wondering what’s going on, keep reading for some reasons as to why your …

I Don't Need Video Because...

High Quality Video With Your Phone

Siobhan Fin Blogging, Video

Before I tell you anything about shooting high quality video with your phone, first look at how much storage you have left. Shooting videos takes up a lot of room! If you don’t have the space, do yourself a favor and make some. Now that that’s settled, let’s go over a few tips and tricks to creating a high quality …

The Secret To Happy Interns

The Secret To Happy Interns

Alli Myers Blogging, culture

Whether you work for a big company or run your own business, you probably either need or already have interns. Almost all college students need or have already had an internship (or several!). So you need them, they need you… That’s obvious. The more important (and maybe not so obvious) thing to remember is that happy interns will do better …