Building Your Own Website

Building Your Own Website

Brandon Girard Blogging, Web Design

You’ve got a cool business, and you want to show it off. Billboards are outdated, so what’s your next move? Have you considered building your own website? Building an attractive website can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business. In today’s world, our cell phones act as our billboards. Having access to advertisements, internet …


Let Us Introduce Our Partner: SharpSpring

Marissa Katz Blogging, Marketing Automation, sharpspring

Michigan Creative recently partnered with a marketing automation platform called SharpSpring. You may ask what marketing automation is, exactly, and we’re here to answer your questions! Marketing automation is a suite of tools used to drive more leads, convert those leads to sales, and demonstrate ROI. In other words, it allows us to optimize each phase of your marketing funnel. …

Why Do You Need To Blog?

Why Do You Need To Blog?

Alli Myers Blogging

We’ve gotten really serious about blogging here at Michigan Creative lately, and it definitely isn’t because we’re bored or don’t have anything else to do! We’re crazy busy and everyone has a lot going on (which is a good thing!), but blogging is just so important that we’ve been setting aside time specifically for that purpose. You might be wondering, …

A Brief Lesson In Typefaces

A Brief Lesson In Typefaces

Siobhan Fin Blogging, Design

We use typefaces on a daily basis, whether we think about it or not. We apply them in print, online, and throughout the entire multimedia spectrum. Sometimes these typefaces are not the stars of the show, but rather just something we picked out that goes along with the design because it’s easy to read. Why not make them the stars? …

Video Lighting Techniques

The Best Video Lighting Techniques

Alli Myers Blogging, Video

When you start setting up for a video shoot, what’s the very first thing you always do? Do you: A) Turn on your camera B) Set up your tripod C) Check out the lighting on set and figure out what additional lighting you need If you didn’t answer C (the answer is always C, right?), you might need a crash …

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting: The Basics And Benefits

Kristopher Johnson Blogging, Social Media

While conversion rates are not everything in marketing, they are one of the most important things. This number represents the rate at which all the people who visit your website do something, such as making a purchase or otherwise, rather than nothing. This is crucial data to know in regards to how many potential customers you convert into actual customers …

Five Tips to Create a Standout Blog

Five Tips To Creating A Standout Blog

Marissa Katz Blogging

You’ve created a blog for your business and now find yourself thinking… what’s next? How can you be sure that you’re creating a standout blog in a space already so crowded with new blogs just like yours? Don’t worry, because with the help of Michigan Creative and this list of 5 great tips, your blog will be a standout in …