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Hosting on a Private Video Server, or YouTube?

Jessica content marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Video

Question: If we’re hosting videos on a private server, aren’t we missing out on the SEO benefits of YouTube?   The answer to this is complex, but the short answer is: not necessarily. There is certainly a time and a place for YouTube – which we can post to, by the way, as determined by our marketing strategy for your …

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7 Ideas for Your Podcast Outreach Strategy

Silas Linsley Audio, content marketing, Marketing, Networking

Well, it’s official: the Business Machine Podcast is picking up speed. Months ago, when our CEO Brian Town realized that he could host a podcast just as well as anyone else, he jumped right in. And we’re all glad he did: the podcast has been a great way to build a community around startups, entrepreneurs, and marketing junkies like ourselves. …

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The 4 Things You Need to Know About 360-degree Video

Siobhan Fin Technology, Video

So, 360 videos are when someone spins around in a circle over and over and records themselves, right? Not exactly. If you aren’t quite up to speed on 360- degree video, do not worry. Here are the four things that you need to know about it to get a basic understanding.   1. 360 was created to make you feel …

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Key Questions for your Business Apparel Line

Chris Scott Branding, Business, Marketing

The apparel market is a cut-throat industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it. Largely due to e-commerce, the men’s and women’s apparel industries are steadily growing with projected sales of $86 billion by 2018. So how do you get a piece of the pie? Research, research, research The most common problem any business encounters is not researching enough. The …

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Maximize Graphic Design for your Business eBook

Silas Linsley Business, content marketing, graphic design, Marketing

If you’re a business professional plugging into social media and content marketing strategies, then you might be familiar with eBook marketing. But if not, the idea is this: if you can funnel your expertise into the creation of a bookworthy resource, people are more than willing to sign up for your email newsletter or follow you on Twitter in return. …

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2016: The Year of Video Marketing

Silas Linsley Blogging, Business, Marketing, Michigan Creative, Social Media, Video

It’s here. The year of 2016 is the year of video. In 2015, video trends were only emerging. Twitter launched its live video-streaming app Periscope. The Meerkat app allowed social media users to stream video on mobile. Autoplay video trickled into your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and now they’re here to stay. Video is not just for YouTube anymore.   …